I’m Pavel, a digital designer based in Berlin.

I’m against war in Ukraine. Against Putin. Слава Україні!


I have created many Figma plugins for different purposes. If I see that the work process can be optimized, I try to do so. It helps free up time for other tasks and make the process more efficient. All my plugins I have made are open source and completely free.


I beleive that sharing knolwedge is the best way to grow. It's also a great way to highlight a company in the design community. Here a few sneak peaks of my work.


Pet projects are very important for me. They help me to learn new things and improve my skills from development to design. I always try to make them interesting and useful. I hope you will like them.


Farbtonemacher is a tool that helps you to generate color shades based on your main color.


    Explore 3D models of Berlin's brutalist buildings and learn about the history and significance of brutalism in Berlin.

      Context Cursor

      A cursor that takes the shape of the hovered element. Inspired by iPad pointer.

        Warp SVG Online!

        A simple online tool that allows you to warp, bend, and distort SVG files.

          Dark Ages of the Web

          The year 1994 when all began and the great era when the web we know today was born…


            An interactive map using D3.js. You can manage buildings on the map by date of construction with a range slider.

              Design tokens with Figma

              A new article about Figma API. In this article I will show you how to generate design tokens via Figma API and convert them through the Style Dictionary.

                Wûnderzin free Ui Kit

                Figma free UI Kit of a nonexistent online magazine Wûnderzine. A few pages and many components.

                  JSON from figma file

                  On this page you could get a full JSON structure, pages and nested artboards, and also filter all by a flag name.


                    I love to make and share things, but I also love to write about them. By writing I can explain how I did something not only to myself, but to others as well. I hope you find these posts useful.


                    I have been working in the field of design for more than 10 years. I have experience in different areas of design, and I am always ready to learn something new. During my career, I have always been interested in the development of design systems and design processes. It is important for me to work in a team where I can share my experience and knowledge with colleagues. If you are interested in my experience or if you have any questions, please write me at pawellaptew@gmail.com or contact me via LinkedIn.

                    Lead designer, design system developer at Backer

                    Fintech, Investment platform

                    APR 2022 - Present📍 San Francisco, CA, Remote
                    • Design and develop design system using React, TypeScript, Figma, and Storybook
                    • Designing product features and user flows
                    • DesignOps

                    Lead designer at Alteos

                    Digital insurance platform

                    MAY 2019 – APR 2022📍 Berlin, Germany
                    • Development and supervision design system and UI Kits
                    • Products development
                    • Branding supervision and art direction
                    • DesignOps

                    Product designer, interaction designer at Farfetch

                    Luxury fashion retail platform

                    MAY 2018 – FEB 2019📍 London, UK, Remote
                    • Development and supervision Design system and UI Kits
                    • Prototypes and animations

                    Lead designer at Wirex


                    MAR 2017 – MAY 2018📍 London, UK & Kyiv, Ukraine
                    • Web devision coordination
                    • Development and supervision UI Kits
                    • Coordination between developers and designers
                    • DesignOps

                    Senior Product Designer at Sberbank-Technology


                    SEP 2016 – MAR 2017📍 Moscow, Russia
                    • Development of the mobile library for internal services.
                    • Creating layouts, framework, guidelines
                    • Establishing cooperation between developers and designers.
                    • Design concepts for different company devisions and services (retails & corporate)

                    Design and Art Direction at Sitesoft

                    Design agency

                    SEP 2013 – SEP 2016📍 Yekaterinburg, Russia
                    • Responsible for web-design and mobile design devisions
                    • Creating concepts, approaching for clients, negotiating projects, clinching the deals
                    • Maintaining communication between clients, developers and designers